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Guess what/ my water pump craked!

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WTF, All of the sudden yesterday a yellow light on the cluster (the one that looks like a radiator) came on. The cars temperature was fine but I could smell antifreeze burning. So I called the Service Mgr :dunno:
He said I may have a small leak somewhere and to bring it in ASAP. So I took in the morning and was ready in the afternoon. The advisor told me it was the water pump. WTF:confused: The car has 22000 miles an a water pupm goes? Hes started mentioning the hot weather here in FLA might have contribute to it and that the 3.0 engines develop more heat than the 2.5 engines:confused:

Anyway car is running. So so far, I had my power steering hose cracked (replaced unde r warratny) and now my water pump. :thumbdwn:

Anyone else with these problems?
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I had the same problem...

It's really not a big deal...
I had my water pump replaced at 45K for a small leak...
It's covered under the warrantee so you should be ok...
It's a good thing you realized it before it got worse...:thumbup:

Good luck...;)
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