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Gruppe M intake questions

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1. how hard to install vs. something like from ECIS?

2. whats the cost?

3. what the HP increase?
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i can tell you 2 out of three

i got a 03 m3. i got mine in a group buy for 1,150 i think.
suppose to give you well for my car 12 to 15 hp. and i think puting it in a m3 is a little easyer. than in a 3 series i think you have to cut out a piece if i am not mistaken.
bobm3 ;) ;)
It took me about an hour.

Not very hard, just print out the Instructions from Renn-Sport.

I got mine in a group buy $520 I think shipped
The install is a cake if you've done any intake install before.
www.renn-sport.net and watch for the group buys.
1,000,000hp increase.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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