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:mad: :mad:

yep, here comes a long rant that i already typed out once that got erased (i have NO idea why) and yea twice cause im bored and really mad....

OK, so here it goes (deep breath) after waiting a week for friday to show up so i can get my system installed (sub and amp, not really that hard) my appointment was at 2 at best buy, i kno now that i shoulda just taken it to a real place but everyone i kno got their **** installed here and they had no problems. anway so i show up and drop the car off at 2 and they do the routine check to make sure everything is working so i cnat blame them for breaking already broken stuff, so the guy tells me 2 to 2 1/2 hours MAX and everything will be done so im like alrite and wait for my ride. while im waiting i hear him tellin another guy that was waiting for his supposed to be finished ride that it should be done soon cause he could squeeze him in since he told me 2 hours which was an overestimate, i think :confused: but it doesnt matter cause i was prepared to wait 2 hours anyway. so i leave and come back at 7 which gives them PLENTY of extra time to do everything as they shoulda been done at 4 and go to get my car. The guy looks at me kinda funny and walks away as another guy approaches me and asks how he can help me, so im like ya im gettin my car....the bmw...he's like we havnt started working on it yet....im like wtf, y not? my appointment was at 2 and its now 7. so he explains how there was another car first that they had to do (the guy from earlier, who was a walk in that morning and didnt even have an appointment like i did) and then another car that had the same appointment time (they do 2 cars at a time) SO im already gettin pissed off with them but stay relatvily calm and ask when to come back, they tell me 9 so im like fine and leave. I come back at 930. same routine, except my car was in the garage and theyre like yea, well we just started taking it apart adn working on it so come back in 2 hours. i come back at 11:15ish and see my car still in the garage but figure they are just finished up or sumthing...im like "well, whats up...is it done?" The guy is like "well, see there's a problem, everythigns all installed but now no sound comes out of the speakers...we think its your cars amp" im like "no, thats bs it worked fine before i gave it to u, ur other guy even chekced before i left the FIRST time" and hes like well come back tommorow and talk to the manager. At this point im like :ben: but dont ***** the guy out cause i figure its not smart to start trouble while my car is broken still. SO a 2 hour job takes 9 hours and now instead of having extra bass i have speakers that dont work. oh man, tommorow someone is gettin an ass kicking :vinmac:

And all of this on top of the fact that last week some dumb **** scrpaes up and leaves dents in my rear bumper while im parked at the mall and this is the ONE time i park near people cause there were no other parking spots and a month after i get the bumper completly repainted for similar problems. :banghead:

oh yea, if you live in maryland or somewhere near here DO NOT go to the best buy in rockville for an install they have no ****ing clue as to what they are doing.
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I would have been so p!ssed, how did you stay so calm?

When I had some ICE installed, I pulled up a chair right next to my car, and watched everything they did. I wouldn't mind waiting for 2 hours, to make sure it gets done.
btw i love ur sig, "stockprojektz :lmao: i think i wanna add that to my sig. [/B]
Shouldn't be a problem, just PM simsima325, and he'll add you to the list. :D
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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