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I bought a bmw e46 316 ti, 4 week ago.

So i desided to get a grom audio ipod kit (GROM-USB2P)

Ýesterday i got it in the mail and i instald it, so im happy until i turnt it on.
I cant get it to work.

My radio keeps saying no cd.

radio model: cd 53 (e46)
Type :65.12-6 919 072

this is how i connected the Grom kit:

power -> (9) 12V Dir ( i have power on the grom box)
signal -> (7)Ibus
grd -> 15(ground)
10 pin conecter ->bus A

I connected the directly in the back of the radio, and not throw a cd changer(don't have a cd changer and there is no pre-wiring)

Can anybody help me ???


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So today i was giving it another try to install the grow box.

And guess what i got it to work. :excited:

After checking every cable and connectionit still didn't work.
So i was thinking to give it one last shot.
I was going to give it an firmware update via the usb poort, and it work.:thumbup:
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