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I heard about this issue but it's not getting better.. anyone have thoughts? This is the email I sent to my rep to help with the resolution.

" I hope it's nothing but I am experiencing a pretty loud grinding noise from the rear differential. This started to happen after I got my 1200 mile service (which the diff oil was changed out). My service advisor is great and he showed me a TSB which indicated that it should go away after a "break-in period."

My only concern is that there's no information on when or how long that period is and the fact that I started to experience this AFTER the 1200 check. So why didn't I experience this grinding noise before if it was breaking in the whole time?

I'm just trying to put 2 and 2 together to see if the OIL needs breaking in or if there's something else wrong. A little noise here and there doesn't bother me, it's just that the grinding noise is appearing to get worse and that from a cold start (i.e. in the morning) turning even 1/2 way to the left will cause a very loud noise and slight vibration. After warming up the car or driving it for more than 20 minutes, the sound seems to dissipate but still lingers. It's just hard to see that these symptoms are just a function of a break-in period."

This is a "known" issue with E46 M3s. They use a different oil for production vehicles of 9/01 and sooner. 10/01 production cars suppose to have this grinding sound go away. I don't know.. thoughts?:dunno:
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