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I have some questions.

1. What is the paint code for BMW's paint color "CHROME SHADOW" ?

2. When can bmwusa.com expect to have the 2003 330i performance package and 2004
3-coupes and convertibles updated on the build your own bmw section?


Mr. _______,

I am with BMW of North America, LLC. Your email inquiry has been forwarded to
me for response. For information pertaining to the paint code, please contact
the parts department of your BMW center. A representative from that department
will be able to assist you with that information. We anticipate the website
being updated within the next few weeks to reflect the new performance package

Thank you,

Percy Johnson
BMW Customer Relations

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Can you post a pic of 'chrome shadow' I think that's the cool color that one of the show cars was painted in.

If it is, that was HOT.
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