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The BMW CCA Golden Gate Chapter is returning to Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca in 2014! There is a one-day driving school on Saturday, May 31st. Whether you've enjoyed Laguna before or have been waiting for the perfect time to try this famous track, late May should promise exquisite driving weather. Plus it's the week AFTER Memorial Day, so you don't have to give up the big family BBQ or long weekend sports/spa/gambling/shopping trip to attend this school.

In addition the GGC will have its annual 2-day driving school at Thunderhill on November 15-16, and this will include both the current Thunderhill East and the new Thunderhill West, which adds 2 more miles of track. I think they plan to link both sides into one huge track, which should be fun and challenging.

CCA driving schools include an in-car instructor for all sessions, and until you either get signed off to drive solo or corner so hard that your instructor gets motion sickness and needs to escape your car.

The Laguna driving school includes a data acquisition option for advanced students. It costs $150 more but gets you advanced coaching based on data acquisition plus extra track time.

The Motorsportsreg.com link is here.
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