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I have had an occuring problem for about a year with my key fob not working in unlocking/locking my doors. I did some research and found Scott at http://www.bmwgm5.com/ and emailed him back and forth and then sent down my FZV Antenna to be checked out for only $60. So scott replied back and said he repaired the FZV antenna and sent it back in nice packaging. Put the FZV antenna back in and now my key fob works again and my doors automatically lock when going 10mph +

Scott also helped me in the past during the 2010 summer when it was very hot outside, all of my doors would be locked and couldnt possibly be unlocked except the drivers door, this problem was in the GM5 module, which i also sent down to Scott and he fixed the bad relays for a very cheap price of $120 compared to $700 for a new GM5 module. The problem never occured again.

I just wanted to let everyone know about these issues and that Scott is the man in fixing these things. Thanks a ton Scott!
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