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I followed the manual instructions to connect my Nokia 5800 to the car's bluetooth system, which went OK except for the importing of the contacts list, which didn't work. Did a bit of research and found this workaround which did the trick. It will probably work for many other Nokia phones as well as the 5800.

Firstly, if your Nokia is already paired with the car's BT system, and you have no contacts in the nav unit, you'll need to unpair it first.

Then go through the pairing procedure as outlined in the manual, but DON'T complete the final step - turning the igintion key back to the 0 position. When the pairing process is complete, the phone will disconnect from the car. This is normal. Leave the ignition in the 1 position.

Now go to your contacts list on your phone, select the contacts you wish to transfer and from the options menu, chose 'send as business card'. Then, from the next menu, chose your car's BT connection, and send.

The phone will reconnect, send the info and then disconnect again.

When this is completed, you can turn off the ignition, turn it back onto pos 1 and the phone will connect automatically. Your contacts list should be in the nav unit.

This may also work for other phones. The trick seems to be to do the transfer BEFORE turning the ignition to pos 0 after pairing.

Good luck!
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