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Don't know if it is just ME or not, but did notice that the German cars LATELY do have issues with the HQ and some "small" problems!
Anyway back in Europe (as I'm from) I use to own different German cars (as Opel, MB, BMW, Ford - diesel (German made Ford btw).... and so on ) and they all was with NOT any problems at all or just with something very minor as normaly accseptable problem/thing .
Here in US in the past yrs as I'm reading/participating over the boards in either Porsche, MB, BMW or Audi there is discussion with SOO MUCH problems.
Also I'm judjing by my own experience and problems with my own and purchsed brand new German cars here in the US - all that do makes me thinking the cars for US are some how with lower H.Quality then the one for Europe ........

:dunno: :dunno: :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

--- BMW 330CI-01 (with some (FAMUS) problems and some extra one too).

--- MB C280-'96 ( too many problems to list )

--- Audi A6Q '99 -------------(some big problems )

--- Toyota Cressida '88 ---- (O problems for 150k miles car ) just unbelivable for car made from the Jabs:confused:


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i have only had an issue with a bad fuel pump, and my stupid HK system... other than that i pray there are no other failures in my car :thumbup:

btw, why do u always just randomly attach some pic or crazy smiley whenever u post??? hehe, no shame in ur game just wonderin

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