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This is Jim, logged in under Matt's name, he left himself logged on at my house today :)

It was great having you over. I wish I had more time to talk with you. But as you could see, Saturdays are a bit of a zoo, even without 4 employees running a factory in the garage and dining room.

What did you think of the new wiring harness? It was Matt's first time seeing the new harness going into an E46 so he was a bit off his stride with it at first.

I took a lot of time to make sure we had a harness that will work on every car out there without modification and that works safely. I think that the new design where everything comes assembled for the customer also works out very well.

Did you get a chance to see Morgan's install on the Carbon Black M3? Look for some pics tomorrow. After everyone was done I took a pic of them on my lowly E36. Thanks again for coming over.


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Am I happy with the update? Hell yeah!

I can see why you say that you never have to worry about the fibers burning, and the wiring harness just makes installation a breeze.

It was pretty crazy there today, I left right before the E46 M3, so I can understand if you were busy.

I wish I had a better camera, my night shots make it look too bright, but it's a real clean and even light dispersal.

Thanks again.



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