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Hey fellas i was just wondering what kinda gains you guys have gotten from your mods... I am not talking extreme mods like SC or the technik power kits. Talking basic bolt on performance products
intake, software, exhaust throttle bodies etc.
what have you gained in HP and Torque before and after.

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I Didn't Dyno My Car Stock

- Dinan Stage I Software
- Dinan Stage II Software
- Dinan Stage III Software
- Dinan Cold Air Intake
- Dinan Throttle Body
- UUC Twin-Silencer Exhaust

When compared to published stock 330Ci Steptronic numbers
At The Wheels: (20% Steptronic Drive Loss)
+18.3 HP
+25.4 ft/lb of Torque

At The Crank:
+22.88 HP
+31.75 ft/lb of Torque

Note: I've changed my Dinan suspension and am MUCH happier. I plan on removing all my other Dinan mods and I'm going to go with a Renn-Sport Power Kit instead.
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