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Fuel rail cover won't fit after starter replacement

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Hey guys,
I had to replace my starter in my 325i M54 engine and it sucked!! But I got it taken care of after removing the intake manifold, fuel rail and a bunch of stuff.

Anyways, now that I have put the intake back on, the plastic cover won't fit on the fuel rail! it looks like it is about a 1/4 off from the bolt holes.:banghead:

I though it might have been the intake not being on properly, but it is on properly. It is like the fuel rail, once bolted to the intake, is pulled towards the drivers side. It appears that the fuel injectors are sitting properly, so i feel like it is an unsolvable issue. It sat fine before I had to remove everything.

And I've looked at everything to make sure nothing making the intake or the fuel rail sit incorrectly.

The bolts obviously have to be bolted down on the fuel rail, so if it is off after that what could it be?

Thanks Guys!!


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It appears that the fuel injectors are sitting properly, so i feel like it is an unsolvable issue.
Please don't post any more unsolvable problems! How could we ever solve them??

When I had my injectors out I replaced all twelve O-rings and used silicone O-ring lube to help ease them back in. This is difficult as they all must go in simultaneously.
I assume you know all of the above as I assume you had to remove the injector connections when you lifted the fuel rail off.
Could it be you didn't use lube and the injectors are binding? This would prevent them from seating all the way home. And all six provide enough resistance when you're trying to do them at the same time, so you might have the impression that they were all the way on.
Let me know what you think?
Thanks for the response. You were absolutely right!:woot: I got lazy and didnt lube the orings, so the injector was not sealing all the way. Such a noob move on my part:tsk:, seeing how I just did a huge job. Thanks for your input and hopefully if anybody else has this problem, this thread will help.
Even though I was able to seat the fuel injector rail properly, I think it is still off by like a 1/16. When I pushed the cover to put the bolts on it looked alright, but when the engine was running it sound like a vacuum leak was happening either on the injectors or the distribution piece o-rings (http://www.realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=EV33&mospid=47720&btnr=11_2879&hg=11&fg=40 part number 5.
Once I took the bolt off the cover, front of the engine, the sound disappeared. I'm going to invest some time and money into replacing the o-rings on both and see if everything lines up and seals properly. But as of now I'm just gonna leave the bolt out of the cover so the noise stays away.
The noise did not effect engine performance, nor did it throw any codes. Just information for those who may have a sucking sound but not sure what it could be.

Well, that didn't get rid of it, it is sporadic, so next step, pinpointing the sound, I still think it is a o-ring issue. Any ideas out there?
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Fuel tank breather valve

Ok guys,
I found the culprit of the noise. It was the fuel tank breather valve that is right under the manifold behind the power steering housing unit. I used a stethoscope and that noise ticked liked crazy, my next step was to remove the air filter keeping the MAF on running the engine and I unplugged the valve and the noise completely stopped.

So if anyone runs into an issue of a sound they cannot pinpoint, but it sounds like a vacuum leak or clicking noise, check that fuel tank breather valve.

I don't have any codes, and the noise is intermittent, so I need to check the electrical, if that is not it I will have to replace it with part # 13 90 1 433 603.
Alright, this is just embarrassing. Every time I think it is something serious or a costly part or mess up, I find out that is is something so simple that I missed it.
So here it is.......I didn't hook up a hose to the bottom of the fuel tank breathing valve!! Yep, stupidity on my part. I though after I replaced the starter that I have plugged everything back in, especially since I replace most of the CCV hoses.
Lesson learned, make sure everything is hooked up and plugged in right or you look like an idiot on the forums, sorry guys, but at least if you run into problems you can avoid my mistakes.
Part of troubleshooting is to relax and take the time to think things thru systematically rather than rush to a solution that will be the first in a string of many that won't solve the problem.
I had the exact same problem!

Glad someone posted the solution here - I replaced my starter, and after reinstalling manifold, fuel rail, and everything else ... my right engine cover was not lining up with the bolt holes. Thanks for the solution!!
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