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I've been trying to diagnose oil consumption in my car. Replaced Oil filter housing gasket, oil pan gasket, VCG, and Using OEM Castrol oil with Mann filter and O-ring. I don't see any oil leaking out of anywhere and don't see smoke from the exhaust either. I watched a video that states that it's possible for bad fuel injectors to cause oil consumption? Is that possible? :hmm: I've been consuming about 1/4 of a quart every 200-300 miles.

Do a compression and leak down test to check sealing integrity.
Leaky injector causing the oil consumption is a quite a stretch to me. I am guessing very small leak will evaporate before it reaches down to cylinder ring. If leak is that much you probably have a hard start in the morning. You can connecte a fuel pressure gauge and leave it overnight to see how much it loose the pressure, but there are other leak points in the fuel system, so you probably need to isolate the fuel rail if you see any drop in fuel pressure.
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