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I've been trying to diagnose oil consumption in my car. Replaced Oil filter housing gasket, oil pan gasket, VCG, and Using OEM Castrol oil with Mann filter and O-ring. I don't see any oil leaking out of anywhere and don't see smoke from the exhaust either. I watched a video that states that it's possible for bad fuel injectors to cause oil consumption? Is that possible? :hmm: I've been consuming about 1/4 of a quart every 200-300 miles.

Very interesting video. I had good starts after a few minutes, slo starts after 45 minutes with a smell of gas, and good starts after hours or more. I suspected at least one leaky injector so I replaced all of them. Problem completely cured.
So now I know if I had let them go longer, it might have had other consequences.
My experience confirms that the gas that leaks from injectors will eventually evaporate and not give flood start conditions. Whether is actually did wash down into the cylinders thru closed valves is unknown. Some fuel probably just sat in the manifold until it evaporated.
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