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So, as the story goes, I had a set of CSL replicas on my M3 when I bought it. The car was nice, and even had a decent ride. I decided to make a trade to another member for a set of OEM 19" wheels.

I, like an idiot gave up my perfectly good tires in exchange for some pretty haggard tires, but wanted the wheels and loved the look.

Fast forward some months, and I noticed my front tires are completely shot. The rims are in pretty good shape. They have some curbing, but the faces are in great shape, and still shine with the factory polish. No clear coat flaking, and no balancing issues. None are bent (that I can see) and they roll true.

Now, I would sell these, but I feel that shipping is a pain, and honestly, I would much rather trade them off. So here is what I am looking for.

18" wheels (M3 fit). I dislike the OEM 18" wheel look and want something a little different. I would LOVE SSR copies with tires, but I am interested in seeing if anyone has anything interesting. I am interested in 18" wheels only, as with the lowered M3, the ride is a little tough for daily driving on PA roads.

Hit me up with possible trades. I have no cash to offer, but might be able to barter if need be. I have hit some pretty tough economic times, and could use some help. For the right trade, I can include a matching set of 4 17" wheels with snow tires. They fit the M3, but will not fit a regular 3 series. They were designed for the E60 5 series. 205/50/17 with an aggressive offset.

On to the pics...

Passenger Front

Passenger Rear

Driver Rear

Driver Front

If you want to make an offer to buy them, by all means send me the offer. However, I am not splitting these up unless you can find a buyer for the others. If you want to buy the rears only, buy all of them, and sell off the fronts.

Looking for trades with tires at this time, My 19s in need of tires, for your 18s with tires (they do not need to be brand new, but something to last a season).

Not looking to ship, but will at buyers expense.

Edit: Pic of winter wheels for reference...

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