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HRE 20x11 rears
20x8 fronts
brushed finish.
falken tires. not even a month old.
rims are a little over 7 months old

more info and pics on link at the end

I am tired of owning these wheels due to my driving conditions I go through every day I am always bending them. I bent the front driver rim once and I just bent it again so I dont want to fix it. I dont know if its repairable again due to the fact that is has been repaired once.These rims with tires cost me WELL OVER 6,000 buks. I am looking to trade + cash for some replica csl wheels, iforged, what ever, if you have it and it looks good I ll trade plus cash.

Wheels and tires with out any trade $ 4500.00

Wheels and tires with trade $ 3500.00

scroll down once you click the link

thanks in advance

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Nice M3. Looks like you are in silver lakes.
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