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Beast Machines:
-Cheetor Supreme Cheetah (electronic)
-nigth scream (electronic)
-jetstorm (electronic)
-battle fo the spark mega blast punch optimus prime
-optimus prime
-jet storm
-che beastriders
-nightslash cheetor


-optimus prime
-ultra magnus
-2 pk ironhide and mirage
-2 pk wars and crossfire
-storm jet


-RID Brave Maximus
-BW Leo convoy & galvatron set (2)
-RID, c-2 through c-4 cars
-leo convoy MIB
-leo convoy (blk ver.) MIB
-BW neo? c-30 snake
-BW neo? c-17 insect
-BW neo? d-24 robot wolf
-S-3 Raccoon/clock
-BW silverbolt
-RID fire convoy
-RID ultra magnus
-RID JRX train set (box)
-RID bruticus set (box)
-RID landfill set (box)
-RID megatron
-RID scourage (2) MISB & MIB
-*special * BW? D-21 Seacon set :-D

BW (I'll have pictures for you guys )


I probably have majority of what is out there other than Nemisis and maybe couple others, but send me pm regarding it

I have several commerative series reissues:

pm me in regards to them

all of them are MISB

if anyone would like you can speak to me on aim in regards to the sale my handle is OptimusP517
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