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This is the full set of parts pulled from an E46 M3 needed to run the Teves MK60 ABS stand alone in any car.

Most of you guys that will be looking to do this conversion know what is involved. I haven't done the swap personally, but have sold a number of parts, and these are the full set of parts requested.

If you search around, there are a number of threads that discuss this conversion.

All of these parts are pulled from a post 9/02 M3 (IE, the ones with blue vs grey ABS connectors!)

Specifically included is the following:
-ABS Pump
-2x Pressure Sensors
-4x Wheel Speed Sensors
-Yaw Sensor

Most importantly, all of the plugs and wiring pigtails for all of these parts are included!

Most of the swaps also have the master cylinder included as well, which isn't needed but a free bonus!

I also have a very small number of spare pieces from incomplete conversion sets available. PM me for requests.

If you are looking to do this conversion, save yourself the hassle of piecing all of the parts together, and finding the hard to find wiring and plugs!

Asking $1200 for everything!!


1 - 20 of 59 Posts