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Hi Guys,

I was doing some spring cleaning and found some old car stuff that I don't want anymore. Its stuff from my old E46's and I have an extra set of 6-Series wheels if you know anyone interested. I just took these pictures last weekend so it represents current condition. I've haven't been back on here in over a year so I don't know the current market on parts but I put some on for starters but I want get get rid of this stuff so let me know what you want. All prices are pre-shipping. Most expensive thing here to ship will be the wheels.

Like I said, I'm not on there that much anymore but i'll do my best to check up on the site and respond to PM's.

Stuff for sale :
(1) E46 Sunglass holder/Button holder: $30

(1) Infiniti Basslink Subwoofer: $125

(4) Set of 6-Series 19" ellipsiod wheels. Wheels are a spare set that I have for my current car. I don't need them anymore. They are non-runflats with goodyear tires. I was going to have snow tires put on them but changed my mind. Pics of tread attached. The wheels have some peeling on the spokes as you'll see in the picture and some curb spots. I bought them this way since I was planning to make them a winter set. One tire has a small bubble in it. TPMS sensors are in there as well. I have more pictures that I can send if you want. $550 Shipped.

E46 Speakers : I got the BSW Soundwerks upgrade for my coupe and when I traded it in, I only managed to grab the two rear woofers out of it. I didn't feel like taking the door panels apart. So I have 2 woofers that are from BSW and the tweeters are HK tweeters. I have another set of woofers that are from my 330 which are non-HK. Not sure why they are two different colors but they are from the same car. (Make offers for what you want)

(2) Woofers (Bavarian Soundwerks Speakers) - PN 82 89 9 415 848

(2) Rear Tweeters - PN 65 13 8 368 245 (HK)
(2) Front Door Tweeter Assemblies for coupe - PN 65 13 8 374 698 (HK)

(2)Woofers - PN 65 13 8 368 238 (Non-HK)


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