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In one of the other forums someone asked if this would fit vert or coupe, due to the width of the trunk. Here is my response so that people who don't get to the other forum have the same info:

Bottom line, if you are uber picky I would not recommend this for a vert unless you wanted to up in some additional work to it. Coupes would be the best, but you could make it work on a vert if you wanted.

Rieger listed the same part # for coupes and verts, this one has "coupe" on the underside just above the part #. It does go past the sides of the trunk on a vert a little, but does not touch the fender panels. Basically it goes into the gap between the trunk and the rear fenders. If you are going to mold this into the trunk I would think that they could shave down the edges 1/8" on each side and it would look pretty kick a$$. Don't know how much that would cost though...

I was going to live with it until I found a great price on a CF spoiler which I really wanted and compliments my CF CSL diffuser.

thanks for looking.
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