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Falling from 14k ft.
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Selling an OEM M3 rearview mirror with autodim and alarm light. There are no bubbles in the glass and no leaks; however, the glass has a goldish tint to it which may be a sign the autodim feature has failed? I honestly don't know cause usually people refer to having bubbles in failed glass. Perhaps the bubbles are from leaking mirrors? In any case, the mirror can be repaired for $99 here:

I have also tapped a wire into the harness to supply power for the autodim feature. If you're car does not have autodim already it will be missing the required 12v pin in the harness installed in your car. This wire allows you to tap into the 12v line to get the power needed. If you do have autodim, then the wire tap can be removed.

P/N 51167892262. Sells for $404 through Tischer.

I'm selling this as is for $125 shipped cont US since I don't know the state of the autodim functionality. I'm assuming it needs to be replaced.

Part out thread:

Taken indoor trying to get a better photo of the glass color:

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