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This will be good for those of you who have this same set and want or need a spare, because they stopped producing these and don't even make the same offset on the rears for M6 reps anymore (the closest is et 22). I only have three because I rode on a flat and cracked one of them in three places. I'm asking 125 + shipping per wheel or if you think your skilled enough to fix the cracks and curbage the set is 360 + shipping.

This is what I have: (wheels only)
2 x 19x8.5 et 35 (one has a little curbage)
1 x 19x9.5 et 20
1 x 19x9.5 et 20 curbed and cracked in 3 places (coffee table base?:D)

Here is when they were spotless. I will follow up with pics of each wheel. PM me if you have any questions.
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