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Ok here is the stuff I have for sale, allmost all of it except the deck is about 2 months old or less

Poineer P9 & DEQ P9 cost new $2000 Sell it for $1300

This is pioneers higest end SQ stereo, it had a 32 band digital EQ left and right, and many many other features

Zapco 350 Amp 4X100 cost new $450 Sell it for $275

Zapco amps are very underrated compaired to other amp makers

Zapco 750 Amp 2x350 1x800 cost new $700 Sell it for $450

The acutall peak on this amp at 4 ohm mono is close to 1300watts I believe

Boston Acoustin Pro 6.5 Componets New $450 Sell them for $275

Boston Acoustic Pro 12" Sub 2 ohm each, Cost new $350 each, Sell for $250 each

Immage Dynamics IDMAX 12" dual 2 ohm voice coil, can be run at 4 ohm mono, 2 ohm stereo, or 1 ohm mono depending on the way you wire it. Love this sub, loud but very clean. $200

Also have a Custom ported box for a Kicker Solo L5 or L7 15. Custom built to kicker specs. $175

All this stuff is allmost brand new, if you feel the prices are to much let me know and make me a offer.

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