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***This is also posted in the Classifieds section***
KW Variant 1 coilover suspension Model# 102 20 024. This particular kit is made specifically for the 2001 - 2005 E46 325xi & 330xi 4-door sedan & 4-door wagon AWD models only. The front strut housings are made of stainless steel, from KW's "inox-line". This set was removed from my 2001 325xi. Comes with what you see in the pictures below, which includes everything the original above referenced model / KW Variant 1 coilover set came with, less the rear springs, but including an additional set of front coilover springs, bump stops and solid rear shock mounts.

The coilovers have approximately 4 years and 40K miles on them. The front struts and rear shocks appear to be in good condition, no leaks. The adjustment collars on the front struts and rear perch mounts move freely. However, due to the New England winters / salted roads, the coatings on the rear springs eventually flaked off and the rest of the rear springs were overcome with corrosion and then 1 spring actually broke. The broken spring also damaged the rear purple anodized perch adjuster (see picture below). The adjuster might still be ok, but to safe I would recommend replacing it. Replacement rear springs from KW Dealers run approximately $250. I'm not sure about the cost of replacing the perch. The 2 sets of front springs appear to be in good condition upon visual inspection.

This KW Variant 1 coilover set will give your 2001 -- 2005 AWD E46's suspension quite a bit of ride height adjustability (lowering range = 1.4" - 2.5" front & rear). Handling is improved, giving a firmer (but not too firm) ride.

Labels on the front strut and rear shock housings (for parts reference):

Damaged / broken rear springs & damaged rear perch adjuster:

Here's a picture showing the low ride height:

Here's link to KW's website that provides more detail about this particular Variant 1 coilover set and how to obtain spare parts:

New this coilover set cost over $1600. Due to the age, condition and lack of functioning rear springs & rear perch adjuster that the Buyer can obtain, I'm only asking $300. I prefer local pick-up, but can ship at Buyer's expense. Shipping costs range, depending upon location in the 48 continental United States, between $26 - $71 to ship via UPS Ground. For reference purposes, the box dimensions are 31"L x 18"W x 7"H and the weight is 52lbs.

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