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I just got rid of my 2000 328Ci and had a few extra parts lying around. Check out my ebay auctions:

<a href="">New BMW OEM E46 Headlight Gasket 323 325 328 330 M3 #1</a>
<a href="">New BMW OEM E46 Headlight Gasket 323 325 328 330 M3 #2</a>
<a href="">OEM BMW E46 Coupe Clear lights-front, side, and rear!!</a>
<a href="">OEM BMW E46 Black Headlight Trim Great Condition!!</a>
<a href="">OEM BMW E46 Coupe Chrime Exhaust Tip! Brand New!</a>
<a href="">New OEM BMW Tail Light Bulb Part #63217160790</a>

<a href="">OEM BMW E46 Euro Console Tray-Long, Gray 51167038324</a>
<a href="">OEM BMW E46 Gray Floor Mats--Complete Set!! Clean!!</a>
<a href="">DEI Stinger 504M DoubleGuard Shock Sensor</a>

<a href="">Dension ice>link plus for BMW I20-BMW-T iPod kit w/ID3!</a>
<a href="">BMW AUX Kit: Soundgate ABMW35, PIE APL/M-RCA, RCA cable</a>
<a href="">Samsung YX-M1Z Helix Portable XM Satellite Radio&MP3</a>
<a href="">Pioneer CD-INCAR2 Car Kit-Pioneer Inno2&Samsung Helix</a>
<a href="">40GB Apple TV with BONUS!!!</a>

<a href="">BMW 3 Series Bentley Service Manual E46 323 325 328 330</a>

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Whats the best price you would do for the euro tray shipped to 22030? Im in fairfax, maybe we can even meet up.
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