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I removed these from my car this weekend and replaced with a set of components. The speakers, as you can see in the pics are in excellent condition. The foam backing in the pic is also included. The woofers do not come with the stock mounting ring as I used these to mount my new woofers to the door card. You can use your old ones with no problem though.

I also have the tweeters, but at the moment they are in the garage so no pics available. I will throw these in with the purchase of these speakers but I will add that I cut the wires on them so they will need to be re-spliced in to your harness. Basically, the tweets are a freebie so don't expect them to be in the condition the woofers are in. They function fine but need the wiring spliced. Looking to get $35 shipped for the pair of woofers with the free tweeters.


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