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Not a real firearm

I'm putting my G&G CM M4A1 Airsoft Gun up for sale along with my other airsoft gear for any local fanatics that play, i know NJ has a gigantic following of the game.

Model: M4A1
Color: Desert Tan
Build: ABS reciever and stock, everythingelse is metal
Velocity: 340 FPS
Mag Capacity: 300rds hi-cap(ill throw in some cheap mid-cap mags along with it)
Year purchased: 2010
Price? $150 OBO

Have all original boxes and paperwork. Im also throwing in a Digital Camo tactical vest, a 2 amp fast charger(lightning quick full charges) and a spring M9 replica sidearm.

Anyone who knows airsoft know that G&G makes the workhorses of the guns. Reliable, fast, and great feel. Google It. Never played a game with it, only backyard shooting.
If you're local and would like to come by, see it and shoot it, feel free. I'm available in both Morristown and Chester, NJ

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