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Hi, I'm new here... but somewhat old on Bimmerforums. I believe these would be perfect for the E46'ers.

I bought a set of used BBS RKIIs that ended up not fitting my car (at least the rears didn't). [rant]Sellers really need to know what they're selling.[/rant]

2 18x8.5 ET38 (2 new/newish Yokohama Paradas)
2 18x10 ET25 (no tires)
BBS center caps included

The center sections are pretty much perfect. The lips are not - there's rash (not too deep) on all 4 wheels and a dent on one of the lips... all of which could be taken out for about $80/wheel - in which case, you'd have 4 more or less new RKIIs with 2 relatively new tires. The wheels are straight though - I have a receipt from Just Tires in Chicago stating the same from an inspection on their balancer.

From Tirerack: the 8.5s go for $628/pc and the 10s go for $640/pc... for a grand total of $2536 + tires + shipping.

I think $1300obo would be fair. I am also looking for wheels/tires that would fit my car... '97 M3.

Pictures of the wheels
Obligatory money shot ;)
Receipt verifying wheels being straight/true

Please email me @ joekannooks at gmail . com for faster service (forums are blocked at work). And please feel free to bump this as well :). Thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts