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whats up guys,

been outta the scene for awhile but i got a VERY CLEAN set of BBS LM REPLICAS W/ TIRES for $1000 obo. im also willing to trade for some stock wheels plus cash. this is a steal if you ask me. give me $600 obo plus some stock wheels and these are yours. these wheels are still on my car so id probably need some help swapping wheels-if trading.

im losing a lot of money on these but i dont care. this set up cost me 1700 brand new. so whoever is smart enough to get these wont be dissappointed.

size: 19x9.5 +20 / 3.5 lip
tires:Falken 452 - 215/35/19 (aggressive)

i had it on my XI but the car broke and the wheels have been collecting dust for about 10months now.

i bought them last july. car broke in august/early sept. so ive only driven on them a month. tread is still 95-98% good.

here are some pics

sits very flush on non M's no fender work or spacers needed honestly.

more pics if wanted or check my thread http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=849748&highlight=.

i really do not want to sell these for this cheap but i really have no need for them since i dont drive another bmw...yet :4ngie:

message me or text me if you have any questions : 2 5 3 9 0 6 2 6 6 5. seattle/tacoma/olympia area only
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