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Hi all-

First post here, or any BMW board for that matter, as I've just recently purchased my first M3 after years of Audis. 2004 Phoenix Gold M3 that I'm stripping the interior on and turning into a track car. I've been very appreciative of this board and others with info on how to remove a bunch of the different parts of the interior! As such, I have a bunch of interior items I'm hoping to sell. The seats and door panels are gone, but the rest is more or less available. Even if it's not in a pic, decent chance I have it.

Located in Portland Metro area (Oregon).

Airbags (side, curtain, passenger all available)
Seatbelts (all 5)
Speakers (H&K sub + rear deck speakers)
Trunk trim + all electronics / racks
Rear parcel shelf with rear shade
Headliner + all lights / ceiling accessories
Rear carpet (area under console has some staining, but otherwise looks great)
Sunroof, controls, motor
Probably stuff I'm forgetting...I have more pics I can email or text also.

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