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Hey guys, the last major part I still have from my M3 is my custom hood done by Phil Jr from Sansossio Auto Body. It is a Carbon Fiber power dome grafted to the OEM Aluminum hood.

The hood has been sitting outside uncovered since October when I swapped hoods for the buyer of my car, so its looking a little ratty. The carbon fiber insert/hood is going to need some work before it looks perfect again as the bondo around the edges has cracked apart. Another option would be to some how uninstall the CF insert and have a stock M3 hood for not a lot of money. I am unsure of the level of work involved in getting the CF insert off the hood but the hood is an OEM hood. Also if you look at the pictures closely, it appears that the nose(between the kidney grills) is pushed in a little bit.

This is pick up only and I can not ship it... Some pictures below

During a detail from a Feb 2010


Let me know if youre interested, please email me at grkshtptr at yahoo.com
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