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FS: CSL Bumper, Nav, Trim, PS Res, Lic. Frame, Actuator, SMG Knob, LED's & More...

All prices include shipping to the continental U.S. except where indicated. If you live on some other bizarre, god-forsaken, third world country like Canada, shoot me a pm with your info and I'll get you a price via your local donkey carrier service.

Larger photos are available by request. Most prices are firm (and very fair IMHO), but it never hurts to ask, HOWEVER, most things cost at least $5-10 to ship, so please don't offer me what equates to $5 + shipping for a part you would normally have to pay $30+ for. I don't mind giving someone a deal, but I'm not a charity either. :roll:

Also, there are a few items I am interested in and open to trades for. Let me know if you have any of the following and what you want to trade for or just outright pricing:

CF OEM-style Hood (non-vented)
CF CSL-style Trunk
CF Mirrors
CF Hood Vent
CF Fog Light Covers
CF Headlight trim (inserts)
CF Engine cover
OEM Alarm for a coupe
10, 12, or 15mm spacers and bolts (I have some lined up to buy in a few days, but open to offers in case that deal falls through)
Imola Red leather or Black Alcantara center armrest
SMG Sterring wheel core (to rewrap, worn condition is ok)
Center console (finish not important, it's for a DiNoc wrap project)
Braided Brake Lines / Pads / Fluid
TMS/Rogue or comparable power pulleys
Aluminum Radiator
Subframe reinforcement kit
400 cell cats to weld into a sec. 1 (which I already have), or catted sec. 1
OEM Clutch (new-very lightly used - w/ or w/o flywheel)
Normal Maintenence Items, including but not limited to: Spark Plugs, Castrol TWS, Filters, RTABS, FCABS, etc, etc, etc.
Any other performance parts that I may not have mentioned. Let me know what you got!


Navigation Screen/Tape Deck - Nav Computer - CD Changer - Radio Tuner - $850 Shipped
Buy this and tell your significant other to **** because now you know where you're going! Tape deck in the front, cd changer in the back. No disc, but can be found on eBay (or buy it at the stealership if you're loaded). Guaranteed against DOA.

OEM Console - $50
Apparently the previous owner forced their pet cat to ride around while standing on this. Scratched, but completely functional. If I hadn't had to relocate my ac I would have refinished this one along with the rest of my center console. I will share my secret of getting a good, inexpensive refinish for six easy payments of only $19.99, or you can just ask me.

Steering Wheel Trim - $50 Shipped
Fitment is crap. Buy it if you know about making CF parts fit or if you just need another reason to hate yourself. I tried to drill it for mounting, but the material just chips and flakes. I will provide larger pictures prior to purchase so you'll know what you're in for.

TiShadow Armrests - $100 Shipped
Decent condition, perfect for wrapping in DiNoc. Now your arms won't have to drag on the ground while you drive!

Woodgrain Trim - $250
I won't tell anyone you bought it, and I won't judge you. Great shape, crack in piece above glovebox that will drive you nuts if you're OCD, otherwise, not that noticable. (see pic)

OEM SMG Shift Knob - $50 Shipped
Minor peeling, occasional itching. Not really noticable once installed.

Authentic ACS Rear Spoiler (wing) - $300 Shipped
Was on the car when I bought it, not really my style, but awesome (and functional) if you're hitting the track! WARNING: For track use only (failure to heed warning will result in :facepalm: x 1,000,000 if we see you on the street with this on your car)



Eurospec Jet Black CSL Bumper - Sold locally!
Also willing to trade for a stock Jet Black Bumper in excellent condition (had one lined up but the deal fell though). Minor scratches on front and chipped paint on right corner (see pics). This thing has been sitting in my office for the last month, somebody buy it!

Khoalty "True Plug and Play" Interior LED Kit - Traded for Autozone stick-on fender grills and underbody neon kit :drool:
Too cold color temp for my liking with my Imola Red interior. I suspect it wouldn't go too well on cinnamon either. If you have black or gray, it would look awesome. Not responsible if they make you fast and/or furious.

License Plate Frame - Sold to some guy who's going to put it on his Civic :thumbsup2:
Because you need more M3 badges on your car.

OEM Tow Hook - Sold to the founder of TrukNutz, Inc®! Who would've guess he lacked a place to hang all of those TrukNutz®?
Finally you'll have somewhere to hang those chrome truck nutz!

OEM Lug nuts (4) - SOLD
"You'll love my nuts."

Scosche Radio Bezel w/wiring harness. - SOLD
Note: The parts circled in yellow are a standard radio antenna plug and is a bmw plug (the small part). If you are electrically savy enough to run a wire where the red line is, it'll save you $25 for an adapter. Now you can rock that 8-track like it's 1979!

Brand New OEM Power Steering Reservoir - $SOLD
Bought for my last M, never got around to installing it. If I wasn't so lazy I wouldn't have Popeye arms now.

Brand New OEM Carbon Metallic Black Touch-up Paint Kit - SOLD
The same kit you get from BMW with a touch up pen and a primer pen. Probably wouldn't work so well on my Jet Black. :roll:

Brand New OEM Driver's Side Door Actuator - SOLD
Also bought for my last M, also never had the chance to install it. Rage management counseling recommended prior to installation, but not included.

Rear Tray w/Ashtray Insert - SOLD (If you didn't buy it you have to quit smoking!)
Now you can feel as smooth as Robert Mitchum while you relax in your back seat with a fine lady as you enjoy a kool after dry humping her to Whitesnake. :thumbsup2:

Thanks for looking. Please come again!

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The actuator, is that for the door lock pin? Will the power steering tank work in my 330? And the interior LED kit, are they bright white, or a different color?


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License frame sold, LED's pending. :thumbup:

The actuator, is that for the door lock pin? Will the power steering tank work in my 330? And the interior LED kit, are they bright white, or a different color?

On the actuator, yes sir, I bought it because my old M3's driver door wouldn't open using the remote, I had to use the key. Never got the chance to install it though. :(

Not sure about the PS reservoir, you can cross reference the p/n (32 41 1 097 164) with your car at http://www.realoem.com
I'd be happy do it for you, but I don't know your cars' year, trim, etc.

LED's are bright white, but as mentioned above, sale is pending locally. I'll update here if it falls through.


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Make me a package deal for the PS tank, the door lock actuator, and the interior LED lights if the sale locally falls through. If it doesn't, still interested in a package deal for the two if shipped together?
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