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For all the people in N. Cali:

I'm looking to sell a pair of complete OEM BMW Xenon headlamp assemblies (headlamp housings, ballasts, all bulbs, lenses, etc) for $550 cash firm. They are in great condition, except one small tab that attaches to the bottom trim piece is broken but does not affect any installation or performance issues. Also, one of the mounting tabs was broken but was repaired with Epoxy and is no longer an issue.

If you are in the Bay area or Sacramento, I will even do you the favor and install them on your car for you this weekend (Nov. 14-16th) or show you how if you want to install them on your own. Nothing else is needed, everything is plug and play.

These came straight off of my own 2000 328i which I'm planning on selling soon. One things for sure, you won't regret getting xenon lights so I advise you to jump on this opportunity. Let me know if any of you are interested.
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