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I have a pair of OEM ZKW projectors and OEM ZKW lenses from my facelift 2005 BMW 330i.

Be advised, the one on the left in the first picture is VERY burned around the bulb area - the plastic is charred because IPO (Idiot Previous Owner) left the bulb inserted cockeyed, with the brown filament touching the housing. Funny thing, I drove it the past 3 months, completely happy and oblivious, because I didn't know and they still worked fine - both solenoid and light shield work perfectly, and the Xenon light throws from both brilliantly to my eyes.

The solenoids & ZKW lenses are the treasure here, in my book, while the bowls are only for those really talented hardy souls who want to refurb the reflector surface (and also repair the charred area, which still does actually hold a bulb).

Charred projector also has 1 broken tab, but clasp still holds the bulb, and the other (non-charred, only mildly burned) projector is actually in pretty decent shape, although the burned reflector spot shows light cracking right at the bulb opening (see pictures).

ZKW Lenses should be perfect - they're a little dusty in the picture, but I'll wipe them off for you. They're factory, which I hear is a good thing as people seem to like them.

Price? How about $60? Or tell me I'm insane because I honestly have no idea what they're worth, and make me a fair offer of your own.

Screws are provided. Bulbs are not.


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