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These are brand new, and I've decided to go to 18" instead. They have been sitting for quite a while, but still have the stickers and have never seen a car or a tire. This was a $5000+ set a few years ago. It's extremely rare to find NOS examples. There are no gauges/scratches in the lips, but I'm sure they could use a wipe-down or some hand polish in places. I am moving into a different house and could use the help on the down payment. Price is around 4k shipped/insured in the USA obo. I can meet in Denver area as well. I will ship only to a verified Paypal address. This is not my first rodeo with premium wheels. I know how to ship and package correctly. I know I'm a newbie here, but have successful history on other forums including vwvortex. I don't mind providing my phone number as well. Thank you for reading.

2x 19x8.5
Bolt pattern: 5x120
Backspace: 5 3/16"
Offset: 11mm

Calculation Used (double check my math
Backspace (minus) (Total width)/2 = offset
5 3/16 (-) 9.5/2=
5 3/16" - 4.75"=
5.1875- 4.75= -.4375"
.4375'' or 11mm

2x 19x10.5
Bolt pattern: 5x120
Width: 10.5"
Backspace: 6 5/8''
Offset: 22mm

Calculation Used:
Backspace (minus) (Total width)/2 = offset
6 5/8" (-) 11.5''/2
6 5/8" (-) 5.75"
6.625" (-) 5.75"
=.875" or 22mm

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