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BRAND NEW Bluetooth Antenna for a lot of models listed below. Never used or mounted. sold cars before getting to this.


Part Cross-reference

Part 84506928461 (Bluetooth antenna) was found on the following vehicles:

E38: Details on E38
E38 740i Sedan
E38 740iL Sedan
E38 740iLP Sedan
E38 750iL Sedan
E38 750iLP Sedan

E39: Details on E39
E39 525i Touring
E39 525i Sedan
E39 528i Touring
E39 528i Sedan
E39 530i Sedan
E39 540i Touring
E39 540i Sedan
E39 540iP Sedan
E39 M5 Sedan

E46: Details on E46
E46 320i Sedan
E46 323Ci Coupe
E46 323Ci Convertible
E46 323i Touring
E46 323i Sedan
E46 325Ci Convertible
E46 325Ci Coupe
E46 325i Touring
E46 325i Sedan
E46 325xi Touring
E46 325xi Sedan
E46 328Ci Coupe
E46 328i Sedan
E46 330Ci Coupe
E46 330Ci Convertible
E46 330i Sedan
E46 330xi Sedan
E46 M3 Convertible
E46 M3 Coupe

E53: Details on E53
E53 X5 3.0i SUV
E53 X5 4.4i SUV
E53 X5 4.6is SUV
E53 X5 4.8is SUV

E60: Details on E60
E60 525i Sedan
E60 525xi Sedan
E60 530i Sedan
E60 530xi Sedan
E60 545i Sedan
E60 550i Sedan
E60 M5 Sedan

E60N: Details on E60N
E60N 528i Sedan
E60N 528xi Sedan
E60N 535i Sedan
E60N 535xi Sedan
E60N 550i Sedan

E61: Details on E61
E61 530xi Touring

E61N: Details on E61N
E61N 535xi Touring

E63: Details on E63
E63 645Ci Coupe
E63 650i Coupe
E63 M6 Coupe

E63N: Details on E63N
E63N 650i Coupe

E64: Details on E64
E64 645Ci Convertible
E64 650i Convertible
E64 M6 Convertible

E64N: Details on E64N
E64N 650i Convertible

E65: Details on E65
E65 745i Sedan
E65 750i Sedan
E65 760i Sedan
E65 B7 ALPINA Sedan

E66: Details on E66
E66 745Li Sedan
E66 750Li Sedan
E66 760Li Sedan

E70: Details on E70
E70 X5 3.0si SUV
E70 X5 3.5d SUV
E70 X5 4.8i SUV
E70 X5 M SUV

E70N: Details on E70N
E70N X5 35dX SUV
E70N X5 35iX SUV
E70N X5 50iX SUV

E71: Details on E71
E71 X6 35iX SAC
E71 X6 50iX SAC
E71 X6 M SAC

E82: Details on E82
E82 128i Coupe
E82 135i Coupe

E82e: Details on E82e
E82e eDrive 1 Coupe

E83: Details on E83
E83 X3 2.5i SUV
E83 X3 3.0i SUV

E83N: Details on E83N
E83N X3 3.0i SUV
E83N X3 3.0si SUV

E85: Details on E85
E85 Z4 2.5i Roadster
E85 Z4 3.0i Roadster
E85 Z4 3.0si Roadster
E85 Z4 M3.2 Roadster

E86: Details on E86
E86 Z4 3.0si Coupe
E86 Z4 M3.2 Coupe

E88: Details on E88
E88 128i Convertible
E88 135i Convertible

E90: Details on E90
E90 323i Sedan
E90 325i Sedan
E90 325xi Sedan
E90 328i Sedan
E90 328xi Sedan
E90 330i Sedan
E90 330xi Sedan
E90 335i Sedan
E90 335xi Sedan
E90 M3 Sedan

E90N: Details on E90N
E90N 323i Sedan
E90N 328i Sedan
E90N 328xi Sedan
E90N 335d Sedan
E90N 335i Sedan
E90N 335xi Sedan
E90N M3 Sedan

E91N: Details on E91N
E91N 328i Touring
E91N 328xi Touring

E92: Details on E92
E92 328i Coupe
E92 328xi Coupe
E92 335i Coupe
E92 335xi Coupe
E92 M3 Coupe

E92N: Details on E92N
E92N 328i Coupe
E92N 328xi Coupe
E92N 335i Coupe
E92N 335is Coupe
E92N 335xi Coupe
E92N M3 Coupe

E93: Details on E93
E93 328i Convertible
E93 335i Convertible
E93 M3 Convertible

E93N: Details on E93N
E93N 328i Convertible
E93N 335i Convertible
E93N M3 Convertible

R50: Details on R50
R50 Cooper Coupe

R52: Details on R52
R52 Cooper Convertible
R52 Cooper S Convertible

R53: Details on R53
R53 Cooper S Coupe

R55: Details on R55
R55 Coop.S JCW Clubman
R55 Cooper Clubman
R55 Cooper S Clubman

R55N: Details on R55N
R55N Coop.S JCW Clubman
R55N Cooper Clubman
R55N Cooper S Clubman

R56: Details on R56
R56 Coop.S JCW Coupe
R56 Cooper Coupe
R56 Cooper S Coupe

R56N: Details on R56N
R56N Coop.S JCW Coupe
R56N Cooper Coupe
R56N Cooper S Coupe

R57: Details on R57
R57 Coop.S JCW Convertible
R57 Cooper Convertible
R57 Cooper S Convertible

R57N: Details on R57N
R57N Coop.S JCW Convertible
R57N Cooper Convertible
R57N Cooper S Convertible

RR1: Details on RR1
RR1 Phantom Sedan
RR1 Phantom EWB Sedan

RR2: Details on RR2
RR2 Drophead Convertible

RR3: Details on RR3
RR3 Coupé Coupe


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