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Since I had no takers on JUST the faceplate, I'm looking to sell my recently bought box and faceplates. The pictures of this thang can be found here:

(Fully installed with 12" subs... subs not included)

The basic set up is that there is a panel that sits against the rear seats, then there is the box (dimensions bellow), and then the faceplate sits in front. I know for a fact that this does not fit on 2004 coupes. They redesigned the right side of the trunk a bit. Otherwise, I know that this fits in all other coupes without Nav. The box can totally be used in Sedans but I'm not sure about the faceplate. I will include all the screws I used to install this in my car.

I'm looking for $200+shipping to cover how much I spent on the thing.

The dimensions are:

11.5 inches (depth on bottom)
9 inches (depth on top)
there are two depths because the back of the box is contoured to the back seats, which are slanted.
16 inches - high
30 inches - width

PM or email at [email protected] if you want it. Looking to sell it ASAP
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