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OK, so I have a usaspec PA12 kit that I have removed from my car because it was having issues. It doesn't always wake up the iPod so you would have to hit the play button on the iPod for the car to see it. And at low volumes at times you could hear a faint clicking in the background (like when you play a scratched up CD.)
I thought the white box was at fault so I picked up a PA-11 off eBay for cheap and when I got it I noticed it smelled like a burnt resistor I tested it and it seems to work, but I don't trust it to keep my iPod plugged into it. I'm just going to use the radio AUX in for now.

What is included:
  • USA Spec PA12 interface text display
  • USA Spec PA11 interface
  • CD Changer plug to interface cord (the rubber insulation had a small slit in it, so I put some tape over it. it still works)
  • Interface to iPod cord

I am selling this as all AS-IS. I have plugged it all in and it seems to work, I have just had too many little issues with everything to guarantee it. Maybe you can fix it, or use it for parts for something. If you have questions feel free to ask.

Price: $60 obo Shipped inside the states. :thumbup:


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