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4 BBS CH wheels in 18x8.5 et35, these are genuine BBS wheels. Wheels have Michelin Pilot Sport 2 (PS2) tires in 225/40/18. Two tires are just over a year old and have ~10k miles on them, and two tires are shot (tread on outside, but inside is starting to show the belts).

Wheels are 100% straight and true and have never been repaired, no dents or any major damage. They do however have curb rash to varying degrees. The worst one is rashed 1/2 way round the rim. Two have an average amount of rash, and one wheel would be perfect but there is a chip (5mm x 5mm maybe?) on the lip.

They look awesome standing distance away, but careful inspection does show the rash.

These are going for about $1400 in good condition (minor rash), so I'm willing to go down to $1050, thinking $200 in rash repair will make these totally mint.

$1050 obo, norcal pickup only.

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