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Engineer and enthusiast owned since new. I’ve loved this car, but the fleet is growing too large and it’s time to let this one go. Car is Oxford Green Metallic over a tan interior. The car currently has 205k miles. I’ve got $13k in this car; I wanted to make this car the best driving example that I possibly could. I hate to let it go, but our living situation has changed and it doesn’t make sense for me to have 3 vehicles and my wife to also have her car (not that it ever really made sense to begin with, but hey, I’m a car guy).

I bought the car from a retired architect in October 2018. He bought the car in 2008 when it came off lease from a young mechanical engineer and his family. I bought the car at 182k miles – the gentleman before me put 150k miles/year on the car over a 10 year period, almost exclusively driving up and down I-87 for work. When I purchased the car he was leaving the country to work on a project in retirement, and told me if someone hadn’t bought the car before he left that he was going to export it and take it with him.

I feel that the car is in good shape for its mileage, though the driver’s seat has some wear, as does the trim on the door where the driver rests their elbow and the center armrest. All of the pixels in the displays work as they should – none have burnt out. There is a small tear in the rear seat’s fold-down armrest cupholder cover (only in the little spring actuated cover, there's a picture of this in the Drive folder below), but if the center divider is left upright the tear can't be seen so I never did anything about it. There are also some shallow paint scratches around the driver’s side rear door handle and some scratches in the leather in the door on the rear side doors. I was told the family that first leased the car had a large dog that would get excited about car rides. Classic A and B pillar delamination is starting, but the C pillars and the headliner are in good shape. The cargo cover is intact and included in the sale. AC comes and goes, but living in Vermont I never put too much effort into diagnosing the problem.

As a side note, as far as I can tell this is either the only 2005 E46 in this spec in North America or one of only a couple. There were 501 xi Tourings produced in 2005, of which 10-15% were manual. Between the color combination, sport package, OEM mudflaps (!), and other options, I haven't come across any others.

Asking $4000. Sold with clean Vermont title and bill of sale. Happy to provide more images or information as requested.



Photos, receipts, and the work I’ve done on the car can be found in This Google Drive Folder, but the highlights are below:

Work performed since I’ve owned this car (October 2018-Present):
Full Cooling System Overhaul – Radiator, all soft hoses, expansion tank, ET bracket, water pump
Full synth oil and filter change every 5k miles – Always Mobil1 0w40 Euro until now, which is 5w30 Pentosin
Shark Tune (91 octane, I always put 93 in)
Clutch Delay Valve Delete
Fully Rebuilt Shifter with E60 Shift Lever
Weighted ZHP Shift Knob
New Front Control Arms, Ball Joints, and Bushings
Both differentials flushed and filled with Redline GL5 75w-90
Transfer case flushed and filled with Ravenol 75w-80
Transmission flushed and filled with Redline D4 ATF
Rebuilt Front Driveshaft from Portland Driveshaft
Rebuilt Rear Driveshaft from Driveshaft Specialists
New Center Support Bearing and carrier, new flex disc front and rear
Both Front CV Axles Replaced with GKN
Rear Suspension Rebuild (Bilstein B8 shocks, Bushings, new springs, reinforcement plates, Upper and lower shims)
Parrot CK3500 and Connect 2 for Bluetooth calls
BMW OEM Aux Cable Input
New Front Right Caliper – Other 3 Calipers rebuilt with new ATE seals
New Summer tires (Nokian Z-Line) on Style 73 Rims
New Winter tires (Blizzak WS-80) on Style 45 Rims
Brand new full size spare on a Style 45 Rim
New Jurid front brake pads
New Windshield (Rock chip led to cracking in the original)
Speedometer Accuracy Mod (TerraPhantm writeup on E46fanatics)
Coolant Temperature Gauge Resolution Mod (TerraPhantm writeup on E46fanatics)
Lubed and Realigned Sunroof

Spares included with purchase:
BMWsoft Cable (for clearing and checking codes)
Shark Injector unit with car’s OEM DME software if buyer chooses to remove the tune
Rebuilt Front Driveshaft and Flex Disc
Passenger Front Window Regulator
Transfer Case Bushing
Accessory Belt Tensioner
Final Stage Resistor (“Hedgehog”)
Original OEM Wood Grain Shift Knob
Front Kidney Grills (Black, never been on car)
Spare remote batteries
Rear Wiper
Passenger Front Wiper
Brake Pad Sensor
Used front left caliper

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Sold. I'll see you all again when I inevitably cave and buy another E46. So long!
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