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- Car year, make and model = 2004, Mercedes, E55 AMG
- Full vin number = WDBUF76J14A495364
- Mileage = 113k
- List of options/packages = Listed in description
- Length of ownership = 5 months
- Any maintenance records = Yes, see description
- Car location = Starkville, MS 39759
- Willing to ship? = Yes
- Asking price = $16k


I'm hoping this is allowed. This is obviously not a e46, but since the e46 is the only car I'm willing to trade for + cash (see trade section below), I thought I'd post here in case someone here was looking for a change.


I***8217;m selling my 2004 Mercedes E55 AMG, currently located in Starkville, Mississippi 39759. The car***8217;s been adult owned (I***8217;m 34) by an Electrical Engineer that loves and pampers his cars. It hasn***8217;t been raced under my ownership either on the street or at the track. Actually, I don***8217;t think I***8217;ve ever had the accelerator down more than 2/3rds of the way down! I***8217;m the 4th owner and I***8217;ve had it since June 2016. With such a short ownership I guess you could really say you***8217;re buying it from the third owner, except I simplified a few things. Namely, removing a lien the 3rd owner had and getting the title in-hand.
Why the short ownership? Not because I didn***8217;t absolutely love the car.
I bought this car after I sold my hand built FD3 RX7:

The reason for the RX7 sale, among other things, was to scale back my investment in my car and re-invest in my house. My wife is scheduled to deliver our second child on the 14th (TOMORROW!) and I***8217;ve got to use ½ of the proceeds of this sale to pay for related expenses + a small home construction project. The other half is going to go into a much cheaper commuter that can simply get me from point A to B. This is strictly a financial move. If I had it my way, I***8217;d keep the car as long as I could. I***8217;ll never get tired of how utterly insane the acceleration is on this beast.

The car spent most of its life in Texas. The most recent owner had the car for ~ 30k miles and was a 15 year Mercedes Master Tech.

One of the things that originally drew me to the car when I was searching was the fact that the owner, at the time, was a highly qualified mechanic that obviously cared for the car and the list of things he***8217;s done for the car over the last 25k miles was extensive and effectively covers every common issue with these cars. I***8217;ve always been told to plan on spending $2k+ on maintenance (outstanding or preventative) when purchasing an E55. With this car, all preventative measures have been taken so it***8217;s really car that***8217;s ready to go without needing to second guess anything.

The other thing that pulled me in on this car is how it***8217;s optioned. Distronic was the option I really wanted to find. I***8217;m not going to say it***8217;s impossibly rare, but I***8217;ve been looking at E55***8217;s for several years now and I haven***8217;t seen many with this option that were in my price range. It***8217;s very well optioned (see below) and the original sticker price reflects how much the original buyer went all out.

Finally, the icing on the cake is that this car already has a Euro-Charged SC pulley, belt wrap kit, and ECU + TCU tune! The pulley and tunes are primarily about adding HP of course, but I also see it with the belt wrap as a preventative measure since the original OEM pulley doesn***8217;t have such a great track record and the wrap kit cuts down on slips and wear. It was a big bonus for me.

So without further delay, here are the details:

The Car:

2004 Mercedes E55 AMG in Obsidian Black
5.5L SC'd M113 ML55 that makes 476HP stock (I have an aftermarket pulley so this one makes more)
Keyless Go
Rear side blinds and powered rear sunshade
Dynamic, heated, and ventilated napa leather seats
Voice control
HK Logic 7 sound
113k miles
VIN = WDBUF76J14A495364

Maintenance highlights done within the last 25k miles:

New Main and starter battery
New AC Compressor and system seals
New front right airmatic strut
New airmatic compressor
New Fuel Tank with pump and sending unit
New belts
New spark plugs (colder than factory due to smaller super charger pulley)
New engine mounts
New trans. mount
New valve cover gaskets (and chamber reseal)
New IC pump
Trans. flush and service
Recent B service done
Brake flush
Coolant flush
New air filters
New low pressure cooling pump
New upper ball joints
New lower ball joints
Full alignment done 4 months ago with car at current (stock height)
80% rear tires
60% front tires
60% on front and rear brakes


Euro-Charged ecu and trans. tuned.
Euro-Charged smaller supercharger pulley
Euro-Charged belt wrap kit
Tinted E63 tailights
Satellite radio (very clean install if I may say so. Uses the aux port from the glovebox).
Bluetooth phone connectivity
SL Class 18***8221; Rare AMG Wheels (18" x 9.5" 33mm offset from what I***8217;ve been told). These are very cool wheels. It***8217;s hard to appreciate them in pictures, but they***8217;re fantastic in person and in excellent shape.
Completely debadged except for the main Mercedes emblems on the front and rear
37% tint all the way around + 70% tint (practically clear) thermal tint on the front windshield. All 3M, all less than a year old.
New Keyless Go Key ***8211; When I bought the car, the owner was down to 1 key. Since he worked at a dealership I went ahead and spent $300 on a brand new key which he coded to the car. So now, I have the brand new key and the original key.


Rear Bumper Cosmetics ***8211; PO***8217;s wife backed into the rear bumper which split a small section (pictured) and caused some paint cracks at the top of the bumper. I bought the car thinking it would be a fantastic candidate for an E63 bumper swap one day!
Driver***8217;s interior b-pillar is a little beat up
Cup holder is currently not working (spring perch broke (common issue))
Driver***8217;s window has a ~2***8221; scratch in the tint that the PO said happened around installation. Additionally, since I***8217;ve owned it, the window support must have caught a chunk of dirt or something hard and it***8217;s created a light scratch in the tint from rolling the window up and down. *Update* After taking the pictures I***8217;m noticing that the picture shows two vertical scratches in the tint. Not just one. I didn***8217;t notice them in person, but the pictures don***8217;t lie. I***8217;d probably retint this window down the road if I kept the car and wanted it looking perfect.
Driver***8217;s Sun visor is stiff (another common issue)
Leather is a little loose on the driver***8217;s side center console arm rest
Cutout in the front bumper mesh for a radar detector / jammer (not really sure since it was from owner 1 or 2).

Pictures of the car under my ownership:

* See more pics in the second post. Apparently I'm hitting to 40 image cap limit per single post ;)


Original Window Sticker


The only trade + cash I'm interested in at the moment is a southern owned 2000-2004 BMW E46 330 Sedan with a 5SP manual and it's got to be < $10k and < 100k miles. If you've got one, we can talk, otherwise no trades :)

Brass Tax:

I want to get $16,000 for the car. I***8217;m not trying to flip the car to make money. I***8217;m just trying to get what I put into it with minimal depreciation penalties. Price is firm for the first 2 weeks. After-which I will put a progressive pricing plan into play. I'm hoping it's obvious from the time I've put into this ad that this isn't a fire sale so please don***8217;t expect me to knock off $1k+ within the first 2 weeks of listing the car.

Bonus Offer:

If you want to add a full STAR diagnostic package I can add it to the car for another $600. This is an offer I***8217;m only willing to give with the purchase of the car. I paid $800 for the package from shardul just a few months ago and I***8217;ve actually improved on it by replacing the hard drive with a 256GB Samsung SSD hard drive. The suite will come with a laptop preloaded with DAS, WIS, etc and the actual multiplexer and all adapters. Purchased separately I***8217;ll be trying to close the gap on what I paid vs what I***8217;m selling it for. Picture

Like I said, my wife is delivering our daughter tomorrow, so I expect I***8217;ll be in the Hospital through the weekend. I should be able to reply to inquiries, but reply times probably won***8217;t be instantaneous. After we get settled at home I plan on listing through the normal outlets.

Car is parked in my garage straight from the photo session above. I don't plan on driving it until the sale completes. What you see is what you get.


PM is best or halfspec on gmail._a_ _sl__nr_

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Have you tried a Mercedes forum where somebody would be looking for something like that?
Buying a supercharged Mercedes when my wife was 5 months pregnant would've had me in the dog house for years:)

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Have you tried a Mercedes forum where somebody would be looking for something like that?
Buying a supercharged Mercedes when my wife was 5 months pregnant would've had me in the dog house for years:)
Yes sir. Its on mbworld, nasioc, norotors, autotrader, ebay, and craigslist. I only posted here because a e46 is one of 2 cars I'll trade for (other is a bugeye wrx). If moderation thinks this ad doesn't belong they can simply remove it or msg me and I'll move along :)

The merc was purchased with 1/2 the proceeds of my rx7 sale which was built and paid for before I met the old ball and chain. I also used the other half of the proceeds to buy a family car. Turns out trading a paid for manual two seater for a minivan and a sedan is actually an easy move :D

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