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Update: SOLD

Used this set for 3 summer months in 2009, 3 summer months in 2010, and 3 summer months on 2011 because I didn't want to use the high performance summer tires in cold weather. Tires already mounted. Not much use on these, taken care of really well. Not looking to ship, would have to meet up in Northern New Jersey to check them out/pick up.

19x8.5" +35mm Front
19x9.5" +22mm Rear

SOLD- will bump if deal falls through

Price: $800

All 4 tires/wheels:

Front two tires/wheels:

Front Tire specs:

Back Tire specs:

Front tire/wheel 1 thread:

Front tire/wheel 2 thread:

Back two tires/wheels:

Back tire/wheel 3 thread:

Back tire/wheel 4 thread:

Wheel 1 close up:

Wheel 2 close up:

Wheel 3 close up:

Wheel 4 close up:

One minor scratch to point out:

Such an awesome set!!


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19x8.5? I could be interested.
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