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2002 BMW 330Ci 5-Speed Manual, Steel Grey Metallic with Grey Leather and Myrtle Wood Trim, SP, PP, XE, CD, HK, 17.5K Mi, $37,110 obo.

Immaculate Condition. Maintained by an enthusiast. Sport Pkg, Premium Pkg, Xenon Headlights, Harmon-Kardon Stereo w/ In-Dash CD, Sunroof, Leather, Myrtle Wood Int.

Upgrades: BMW OE Euro-spec UV-blocking windshield, BMW OE Floor Mats, BMW OE Homelink System, BMW OE Clear Corner Lenses w/ Silver Bulbs, UUC Short Shift Kit w/ Short-Travel Clutch Stop. (I do have the original shifter, which I will provide to the new owner.)

Includes all of the great BMW standard features: ABS, Dynamic Stability Control, 6 front air bags, Keyless Entry, On-Board Computer, Full-Sized Spare, etc.

I have been the sole owner of this vehicle. It was custom-ordered arrived December 4, 2001. I have all of the original items including all four keys, owner's manual, owner's VHS video, and even the original window sticker. Since purchasing the vehicle, I have meticulously maintained it. Covered under BMW warranty and maintenance program. Your oil changes, maintenance, and even windshield wiper blades are covered with this vehicle. I have all service records, and even gas receipts.

The appearance of the vehicle is nearly flawless. I always washed and polished the vehicle by hand with Zaino products. There are almost zero 'swirls,' 'spider webs,' or hairline scratches in the clear coat. There are a couple of pinhead sized rock chips in the front of the vehicle. You can't see any of them unless your face is 12" away from the chip. There is also one scratch on the rear passenger side bumper. I think it was from a shopping cart at the grocery store. Again, it's not something that I even notice unless I look for it. It's certainly not something that anyone else would notice. It's fixable, but since I never notice it, it never bothered me. No dents or other cosmetic problems whatsoever. Again, I always took my time and used good technique when washing the car, so the clear-coat is near flawless. That's something hard to find in most any car, even some new ones on the dealer lots. I'd like for the car to continue being well cared for, so I'd like to give the new owner some Zaino car care products and a sheep's skin mitt along with the car.

The vehicle currently has about 17,500 miles, most of which were logged on the highway. This car was mainly used for my daily 50-mile commute to and from work, and on trips. It was never driven much around town, or in slow or stop and go traffic. I have another vehicle I drive on short errands. Average gas mileage is about 27mpg.

I've never experienced any mechanical problems with the car. It has been serviced at Capital Euro Cars in Tallahassee, FL. It has recently received its "Service I" inspection.

Click below for some pictures.

* Picture 1 * Picture 2 * Picture 3 * Picture 4 * Picture 5 * Picture 6 * Picture 7 * Picture 8 *

VIN: WBABN53402JU25525 (No accidents, no paint work, etc.)

If you would like any additional information on the vehicle, including any additional pictures, please contact me via email at [email protected] or phone at (850) 591-6570.

I am asking for Kelly Blue Book value for the vehicle, which is $37,110. I will, however, entertain *reasonable* offers.

I will also be providing the new owner with a complimentary one-year membership to the BMW Car Club of America. It’s a great resource and comes with a subscription to Roundel magazine. I’m also giving away a set of four new BMW posters. (I’m not getting rid of mine .. they’re staying on my garage wall. I just have an extra set I’d like to give away with the car.)

Thank you for your interest,


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