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On Sunday, I had a "decompression event" involving my r/f tire (p225/45 zr17 Michelin Pilot AS) while travelling at 75 mph+ on a SoCal freeway. The only indication the tire was flat was a slight rattle at the cowl and a passing driver pointing at my wheel. After getting over to the shoulder, I had travelled perhaps 1/2 - 3/4 mile on the flat. When AAA arrived and changed out the tire, I saw that the tread across the face of the tire was good, but the inside shoulder was worn through to the cord and belts. I made it home on the doughnut spare and had 2 new ContiExtreme DWS's mounted yesterday. When the tech pulled the l/f wheel, I saw the same extreme wear pattern on the inside shoulder and this tire was ready to go at any time. HELP!! Has anyone seen/experienced this type of extreme treadwear? The pattern would indicate a de-camber situation, but the wheel appears to make full contact with the surface across the face of the tread. I am taking her in for a 4-wheel alignment on Mon., but shoud I be concerned about anything else...control arms/bushings? Thanks in advance,
,04 330 CiC, 80K
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