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I have a 2001 330i. it is my second 3 series car, and I have also had a Porsche, Saab, Acura, Volvo, etc...I love the way the bimmer drives, but little stuff is breaking right and left. I am really struggling with these little issues. I will not take it to the dealer, they rarely fix the problem and usually break something else in the process. My old mechanic "WOLFGANG" has retired, so, I'm on my own now.

The latest are the front grill inserts. one was just hanging loose one day and the second was loose too. It seems that the inserts (PLASTIC) snap into the hood assembly with plastic clips, and these had fatigued and most were broken.

So now the grill inserts are both in my trunk while I figure out how to fix the problem. Does anyone have any experience in fixing or replacing these parts.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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