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Front Control arm bushings install (Pictures/Instructions)

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Background info here


Use this at your own risk. There might be better ways to do this, but this is what I did.

<p>1. If your car is lower you might need to use ramps to get the jack under the car.
<a href="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/1.jpg"><img src="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/tn_1.jpg"></a>
<p>2. Use a floor jack and the center jack point.
<a href="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/2.jpg"><img src="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/tn_2.jpg"></a>
<p>3. Put jack stands under the stock jack locations.
<a href="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/3.jpg"><img src="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/tn_3.jpg"></a>
<p>4. Remove the wheels.
<a href="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/4.jpg"><img src="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/tn_4.jpg"></a>
<p>5. Remove the under engine cover. There are some plastic plugs up front and screws underneath. The screw layout is going to vary depending on model.
<a href="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/5.jpg"><img src="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/tn_5.jpg"></a>
<p>6. Drop the engine cover.
<a href="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/6.jpg"><img src="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/tn_6.jpg"></a>
<p>7. Here you can see the both the control arm mounts
<a href="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/7.jpg"><img src="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/tn_7.jpg"></a>
<p>8. Drivers sides mount. You can see how the chassis brace is in the way of the rear bolt.
<a href="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/8.jpg"><img src="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/tn_8.jpg"></a>
<p>9. Remove the driver***8217;s side bolt for the rear brace.
<a href="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/9.jpg"><img src="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/tn_9.jpg"></a>
<p>10. Remove the front drivers side bolt for the brace.
<a href="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/10.jpg"><img src="http://www.e46fanatics.com/members/tim330i/poly/tn_10.jpg"></a>
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I was having the same problem everyone is describing with getting the bushing back one (OEM)

I took a scotchbrite pad and cleaned the surface good, a scotchbrite pad is just the right corseness to get the dirt, but not remove metal which would probably not be a problem if you did it lightly with sand paper.

I then used Sil Glyde that I bought from Napa Auto for my weatherstriiping, it rocked, I fought for 20 minutes and nada, then got the idea to clean and lub and they slid right on.

Hope this helps, and if anyone knows about the A/C chirping when I accelerate please tell me what to do.

I remember reading somone removed the blower motor and used powered graphite to lubricate the bearing in the blower and they said it works. I would rather not pull the dash apart without a second conformation of it being viable and long lasting.
Staszek said:
Great writeup Tim!! I changed mine tonight. I used OEM bushings again though.

One thing though and it worked on mine not sure if it will work on everyones. But i was able to use the 3 arm puller and pull the entire carrier with bushing off at one without having to cut anything away. Came out pretty easy. Here are pics if others wanna try that method.

Thanks! :thumbup:

What did you block the center with to get the puller to push on?
I would watch for odd tire wear, if it feels good and the tires wear properly I would not get it aligned. Some places will check your alignment for free.
Mine have about 5000 miles on them and I want to change the control arms. What is the chance they are re-useable? I put some napa silicone goop (Window sill stuff)to get them on so hopefully the will slide right off.
jai_c said:
I bought the bushings from Powerflex but my mechanic refuses to put them in bcause he says theres nothing to hold the bushings in like there is in the oem ones. is that true. I seriously thinking about doin it myself
You need a new mechanic.
Jack stands are pretty safe. A jack is unsafe as it is held in place by hydraulic pressure which can give way. A jack stand is is safe as the car's weight locks in the mechanism on the jack stand.

It is a good idea to use a block of wood or to put the tires under the car so that if the car is hit or bumped it will land on something solid instead of your head or legs.

There is no way to eliminate disaster,but jack stands and some other solid object like a tire and rim will eliminate most of the risk.

If it's your time it's your time to go...
too access the bushings
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