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I have recently joined the BMW family and a proud owner of a 318i Touring from 2005 :bow:

I used to have a Clio from 2004, but due to technical issues I had to replace it.
So I went to a dealer of used cars to check a Opel Signum 2.2. When I opened up the door the whole interior was full of white mold.
So I was disgusted by it, but then right next to it there was this BMW 318i from 2005 with 315.000 km mileage. After taking her out for a test drive I fell in love :thanks:..

There are a few things that I would love to change on my car, to start off with taking out the OEM navigation on the unit. Also the mid console underneath the arm rest part, and replace that one with a cup holder console.

Some exterior adjustments, such as getting rid of a huge chunk of corrosion.

The car only had 2 owners before me.
This is also my 2nd car ever, so you can imagine that I am not a car technician or know anything regarding cars. The only thing I have ever done is to replace a tire :clap::clap:

But I am happy to join here to learn new stuff.

Excuse me for my English, I am from the Netherlands and it isn't the best as you might have noticed :D

I am also wondering, would it be worth it to take a huge project such as replacing the fender etc.?
Since this is a old car with a lot of KM's on the counter..
Note: there are no technical issues with the car, thank god :woot:
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