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Fried my clutch... now how bad is it?

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Essentially I made an ass out of myself, trying to spin the tires. Well, all I spun was the clutch. It smelled horrible. Now after driving for 50 miles, it still stinks......:banghead: Just how much damage did I do?:dunno: :ben: :cry:
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You cannot get a new clutch unless there is something wrong with your car from the factory, or something broke that has to do with the clutch. I was so excited when I heard my clutch was under warranty so I called Bob Smith BMW and they said it was not under warranty of maintenance. So don't burn any more rubber!!! Except occasionaly, of course.
My friend misshifted and blew a synchro in his S2000, my other friend fried his Tiburon clutch. Both are getting it fixed under warranty. Please don't tell me BMW is shadier than Honda and Hyundai!!! :banghead:
a buddy of mine just got an '02 M3, he told me the guys at the dealership (somewhere in Long Beach CA) told him:

"you will probably go through a clutch or two down at the track, just bring it back and we'll take care of it"

make of it what you will...
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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