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joedaddy said:
A little update guys...
I dropped off the car again at Crevier today and this time a REAL BMW advisor assisted me...Name was Jason...I told him the problems and also mentioned the paint...since the Field Rep was here today, he and the service manager felt bad for me and went ahead to "OK" the repaint...Sad thing is that I have to leave my car there for 3 days...so I'll leave it next week...well..no loaner for me...cuz I bought it from Shelly...

My next BMW will DEFINITELY will be bought from Crevier...
Glad that you solved your bumper/repaint/fraud/no warranty/BBB/lawsuit/upset/compensation/depreciating asset/mumbo jumbo problem to your satisfaction. :thumbup:

IMO, what this post proved was that dealers -or any business company- are going to go all over you if, as customers, we continue to be ignorant of our rights and specially of how bussiness is really conducted in real life. After reading (and laughing) 6 pages, probably three to four people gave the correct solution to this problem. The rest virtually demanded the "destruction of all enemy forces in the vicinity of the Dealer area".

Sure I would be upset in a situation like this; hell, right now I am in the process of having the front bumper of my brand new, less than a month, M3 replaced because it seems that when the trucking company downloaded the car from the truck they damaged the internal brackets of the bumper, making it look crooked against the body. I found this the same night that I bought the car, in addition of several bird dropings stains in the paint that I could not buff them out and one rim that was scratched.

Going all upset, or worse, ignorant of what the dealership obligation to the damage is was not going to do anything for me and to the solution to these problems. So I went to the dealership the next day and informed them of these deficiencies in a clear and reasonable way. They checked them out, apologized and went to work on the issues. The bumper has to be ordered and painted, thus the waiting time. The rim will be repaired at the same time as the bumper because the scratch is no more than half and inch and I do not want to go several times to the body shop and the bird dropings were wet sanded to perfection. No arguments, no yelling, no angryness, no confusion... as long as they keep their end of the deal I am cool with my end.

My advice to all is to learn how the game is played, before and after the purchase of anything. Get your facts together before arguing your position if problems arise after the purchase... and please, stay away from jailhouse lawyers for advice. :read:
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